Digital Research Manager

Job Purpose

To conduct and manage digital research and integrate the findings into DCO initiatives, aimed at empowering the DCO ecosystem with credible, innovative, and evidence-based digital research artifacts in emerging digital economy areas. These areas include digital transformation, fintech and financial inclusion, digital identity, digital safe spaces, digital inclusion, SDGs including ICT sustainability, and emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, IoT, and AI (including generative AI).

Job Responsibilities & Duties

  • To manage and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to gather DCO primary data for the DCO data bank, and other initiatives.
  • To create, and benchmark multidisciplinary frameworks regarding DCO key areas.
  • Supervise and draft research materials, like scientific articles, concept papers, reports, etc.
  • Supervise gather data, investigate, and generate ideas.
  • Manage, and conduct capacity building sessions in collaboration with DCO front-runner team.
  • Manage, and work on digital research mega projects, and coordination with service providers
  • Contribute to draft, review, and update the organization strategic documents, like DCO trends 2024.
  • Must have a background in economics, including digital economy, and an above-average understanding of commercial aspects of emerging technologies.
  • Contribute to review and update the organization strategic documents.
  • Experience in working on research-based advisories, call for action.
  • To set up, and manage Information System Frameworks, and statistical tools for data lifecycle, including visualization.


  • Master’s degree in data science/IT/Management Sciences have scientific at-least 1 research publication in the Q1-3 journals, and 6 years relevant professional experience, including managerial experience in international organizations.


  • Market Research.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Time management.
  • Detail oriented.