Bridging The Gap

March 2023

In today’s digital age, the global economy is undergoing a transformative revolution, driven by digital technologies. The potential for this digital transformation to generate jobs, boost GDP, and create new opportunities is immense. However, not everyone has an equal chance to benefit from this digital revolution. Barriers such as high costs, limited digital skills, and inadequate policies can hinder access and participation.

The report, “Bridging the Gap: Where Cooperation is the Key to Inclusive Prosperity,” delves into the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy. It draws upon an extensive research approach, including a review of over 50 online publications, interviews with 37 digital experts, a proprietary survey involving 750 consumers and 250 businesses across 12 countries, and 5 roundtable discussions held globally. These insights reveal seven key barriers preventing individuals and companies from fully tapping into the potential of the digital economy.

To bridge these gaps and create a more inclusive digital economy, the report offers eight key recommendations. These recommendations encompass affordable digital connectivity, building digital skills, supporting SMEs and startups, establishing clear digital policy principles, creating common data standards, facilitating best practice sharing, better regional policy coordination, and improving digital policy consistency.