Digital Prosperity Report

September 2022

The digital economy is transforming the way we live and work. It is essential for sustainable development, but it also brings challenges such as data privacy and security, market regulation, and social inequality. To address these challenges and maximize the benefits of the digital economy, multilateral cooperation is essential.

Governments, businesses, civil society, and academia must work together to create a more inclusive and effective digital economy. This includes co-designing initiatives to accelerate connectivity, increase accessibility, and improve affordability; providing a universal framework for talent development and remote job opportunities; breaking down border barriers for SMEs; engaging the digital economy ecosystem to co-create universal governance, standards, and norms around cross-border data flows; and developing innovation-friendly policies.

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) is committed to addressing these challenges and building a more inclusive digital economy through effective multilateral cooperation. The DCO co-designs and co-creates impact-driven initiatives with its member states and stakeholders. This report sheds light on the status of digital prosperity in H1 2022.