DSA 2023

During 2023, the DCO has created six Digital Space Accelerators focusing on the following to accelerate the growth of a sustainable and inclusive digital economy:

  • Online content Misinformation
  • Empowering Women in and through ICT
  • Public Private Partnerships for Development of the Digital Economy
  • Digital Rights “Intellectual Property and Safe Digital Space”
  • Digital Skills Gap for Youth
  • Tax & Financial incentives for the ICT sector.

Combatting Online Content Misinformation: Developing strategies to combat the spread of misinformation that can poison the digital well.

Misinformation, especially on social media, spreads faster than accurate information, posing challenges in quickly assessing information quality. This has various negative impacts on the digital economy, including eroded trust, higher costs, altered consumer behavior, regulatory issues, and security risks. To tackle these risks, the DSA focused on combatting online content misinformation that is established by working with stakeholders to implement robust solutions, strengthening the digital ecosystem, and fostering a sustainable and inclusive digital economy. The overall purpose is to provide guidelines for a holistic regulatory strategy encompassing classification, standards, media literacy, fact-checking tools, and public awareness campaigns to address crucial gaps in combating misinformation.

Download the Misinformation Guideline here.

Empowering Women in and through ICT: Striving to correct gender imbalances and empower women in technology and leadership roles.

Women’s Empowerment and inclusion are fundamental to DCO’s vision of a prosperous global digital economy. This DSA aims to advocate appropriate policies and promote impactful initiatives to empower women and enhance their participation in the digital economy across its Member States (MSs) and beyond.

Download the Empowering Women in and through ICT Framework here.