Published on 15 August, 2022

KPMG joins the DCO to promote inclusive digital economy growth

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), the intergovernmental organization established to enable digital prosperity for all, today announced KPMG as the first professional services organization to join as an official observer.

The DCO, whose programs work to accelerate the inclusive growth of the digital economy, has swelled its ranks to represent nearly 600 million people and USD 2 trillion of GDP. Its programs are dedicated to supporting women, youth, and entrepreneurs to harness the power of the digital economy across its ten member states.

KPMG is a global network of professional services companies with more than 200,000 employees worldwide, helping clients thrive in a digital world and accelerate their digital transformation.  KPMG has 26 global strategic alliances with world-leading technology companies, including Google Cloud, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and Infosys, cementing its position as a leader in digital transformation on the international stage. Bringing this extensive expertise into the wider DCO ecosystem, KPMG will work alongside DCO experts on multinational projects designed to enhance the global digital economy in areas such as digital taxation, cross-border data flows, digital transformation and e-governance.

Dr. Samer Abdallah, Global Lead Partner at KPMG, welcomed the announcement:

“KPMG is aligned with the DCO’s mission to promote social prosperity through more inclusive participation to grow the digital economy. We have played an active role in building key strategies, policies, and enablers to foster innovation and the digital economy. The digital era we live in brings us opportunities as well as challenges. Digital and innovation are part of our DNA at KPMG, and as part of the DCO ecosystem, we are proud to work together to promote digital prosperity.”

Welcoming the announcement of the partnership, Hassan Nasser, DCO Vice President of International Affairs, commented,

“The partnership between DCO and KPMG is the latest leap forward for the DCO as we continue to forge partnerships wherever and however they can play an active role in harnessing the power of the digital economy. KPMG is the first professional services observer of the DCO, with international expertise and a vital knowledge partner as we continue our mission to enable digital prosperity for all.”

The DCO is quickly expanding its ecosystem of international collaborators to include leading private sector companies, academic institutions, think tanks, civil society organizations, international organizations, and other partners across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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