Published on 13 April, 2023

DCO launches Diplomatic Connect, a new platform to foster digital diplomacy for Member States and international organizations partners

DCO launches Diplomatic Connect, a new platform to foster digital diplomacy for Member States and international organizations partners  

  • DCO Diplomatic Connect hosts Ambassadors and key stakeholders in Riyadh to discuss digital cooperation and diplomacy  

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 13 April 2023The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) hosted esteemed Ambassadors of DCO Member States at the inaugural DCO Diplomatic Connect platform to discuss diplomacy in the digital age and encourage international collaboration on building the international digital economy. 

The DCO Diplomatic Connect, which took place on 12th April in Riyadh, marked the launch of the new platform which aims to bring together Ambassadors and other representatives of the DCO Member States and international organizations partners with the DCO leadership to exchange ideas and foster greater cooperation on the development of strong, inclusive national digital economies for the benefit of all. 

The first DCO Diplomatic Connect was opened by Secretary-General of the DCO, Deemah AlYahya, who emphasized the importance of multilateral, multistakeholder cooperation to achieving the mission of the DCO of supporting Member States as they build prosperous and connected digital economies that will accelerate growth and development.  

“As we continue to navigate the challenges of the digital age, we recognize the critical need to bridge the gap between digital and diplomacy. That is why we are launching DCO Diplomatic Connect, a platform that provides a space for open and constructive dialogues among nations. Through this initiative, we aim to facilitate the sharing of best practices, knowledge, and experience to promote cooperation on the digital economy. By bringing together respected Ambassadors from DCO Member States, we can work collaboratively to build a future where everyone can benefit from the opportunities presented by the digital age. The DCO’s efforts in bridging the gap between digital and diplomacy through initiatives like DCO Diplomatic Connect reflect our commitment to fostering inclusive and cooperative approaches towards sustainable digital innovation,” AlYahya said. 

The focus of the evening was a discussion on digital diplomacy, led by Professor Corneliu Bjola, an Associate Professor of Diplomatic Studies at the University of Oxford and the Head of the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group. The discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities of digital diplomacy and how it can be leveraged to advance digital cooperation and prosperity for all. 

“Digital diplomacy is not a static phenomenon, but rather a dynamic and disruptive process, influenced by the changing nature of power and technology in the global context. Digital technologies have enabled new modes of diplomatic communication, collaboration, and representation, introduced new actors and stakeholders in the diplomatic arena and they have generated new agendas and issues for diplomatic engagement. The challenge facing ministries of foreign affairs and international organizations is how to effectively leverage these opportunities to foster robust digital cooperation within bilateral and multilateral contexts, with the ultimate aim of establishing a resilient and inclusive international digital order,” Professor Bjola said. 

DCO Diplomatic Connect is part of the DCO’s multi-level strategy to promote cooperation and connect stakeholders from different sectors to develop solutions to the challenges of the digital divide. The gathering highlighted the importance of digital diplomacy in advancing digital cooperation and emphasized the DCO’s commitment to working closely with its Member States and stakeholders to achieve this goal.

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