Published on 7 September, 2022

DCO releases first digital prosperity report

The first-ever edition of the Digital Prosperity Report has been released to showcase the progress of the DCO and its member states in creating strategies and initiatives to enable digital prosperity for all

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) launches the first issue of the Digital Prosperity Report, to highlight some of the most pressing issues for digital economic development and report on DCO initiatives and programs that support the DCO member states in developing their own digital economies.

The Digital Prosperity Report is intended to share updates on the latest activities of the DCO, an international non-profit organization focused on enabling digital prosperity for all, through initiatives to develop policies and best practices that member states can apply to their own programs to create equitable and sustainable digital economies that empower their citizens.

The first issue of the report features an introduction by Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where he talks about the Digital FDI Initiative launched by WEF and the DCO to support FDI in the digital economy, and the global rebound in FDI post-COVID-19. The report also features an exclusive interview with HE Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT & Innovation of Rwanda, in which the Minister discusses the country’s digital economic policy, the role of ICT in Rwanda’s development, and how DCO membership will help further Rwanda’s strategic goals in the digital sphere.

Other features include discussions of the gender gap in the startup sector and how the gap can be addressed to empower women with better opportunities; an examination of the challenges of effective end-user data protection legislation; and a report on the new Digital FDI Initiative that was recently launched by the DCO and the World Economic Forum.

The report also includes insights into upcoming DCO activities, including the DCO Global Round Table Series, the STRIDE initiative to support digital startups, the Digital Economy Maturity Index (DEMI), and the DCO Center of Excellence for Data Flows.

Deemah AlYahya, DCO Secretary-General said on the launch of the report: “The DCO was founded to enable digital prosperity for all and to support our member states by enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration on the development of best practices, policies, and strategies to accelerate their digital transformation and therefore, support the development of an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable national digital economy. The Digital Prosperity Report is an important part of this knowledge-sharing commitment, which highlights the activities of the DCO and our member states, the report delivers expert commentary from high-profile stakeholders and draws attention to important issues such as tackling gender inequality in the digital economy, and the challenges of end-user data protection. This first edition of the report is a must-read for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest developments in the global digital economy, particularly in DCO member states”.

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