Published on 8 October, 2023

The Digital Cooperation Organization Launches the Second DiplomaticConnect at the Embassy of Oman in Riyadh to Foster Digital Diplomacy

The Digital Cooperation Organization Launches the Second DiplomaticConnect at the Embassy of Oman in Riyadh to Foster Digital Diplomacy  

Strengthening Global Ties and Navigating Artificial Intelligence’s Role in the ‘Phygital’ Era 

Riyadh, October 8th, 2023 – Following the success of the inaugural DCO DiplomaticConnect, the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) launched the second DiplomaticConnect event. The gathering took place at the Embassy of Oman in Riyadh, bringing together diplomats, government officials, private sector leaders, and technology experts to explore the transformative potential of digital innovation in diplomatic practices and international relations.  

The gathering welcomed 24 prominent guests, showcasing the recognition, within the diplomatic ecosystem, of the power of digital innovation, new technological advancements, and data-driven insights to enhance diplomatic decision-making and forge stronger international relationships. Renowned Deep Tech Diplomacy and Tech Advocate Professor Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes delivered the keynote speech titled “Advancing Global Diplomacy: Navigating AI’s Role and Challenges in the ‘Phygital’ Era”. Her presentation delved deep into Digital Diplomacy and Artificial Intelligence, illustrating pathways for enhancing global diplomatic efforts through innovative technological integration. 

In his welcome remark, His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki bin Mahmoud Al Said, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said: “Hosting this prestigious event at the embassy of Oman symbolizes our unwavering commitment to nurturing diplomatic relations and endorsing digital advancements for global betterment. We look forward to the valuable insights and the collaborative initiatives that this gathering will undoubtedly advance.” 

Emphasizing the importance of the event, the DCO Secretary-General Deemah AlYahya said: “Digital transformation has disrupted our lives in ways we could never have imagined. AI, Cloud, Quantum, Metaverse, Blockchain – all have a real-world impact on both public and private sector and the civil society.  The diplomatic ecosystem undoubtedly finds itself in a state of flux as the very nature of diplomatic relations and how countries communicate with each other change, thanks to rapid digital transformation. Digital doesn’t know or recognize borders. 

The Digital Cooperation Organization initiated DiplomaticConnect as a series of events to address this gap and give the diplomatic ecosystem a firm footing in this new digital era. We do this by empowering the community with the right digital tools and technological knowledge they need to support diplomatic efforts and international relations.  

In our increasingly interconnected world, fostering digital diplomacy is of utmost importance. This, we believe, is key to addressing global challenges and for promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth.” 

The DCO DiplomaticConnect brings together ministers, ambassadors, diplomats, thought leaders, and other stakeholders to engage in thought-provoking conversations about digital diplomacy, aiming to underscore its importance in international relations. It also aspires to explore inventive approaches to diplomacy, leveraging the latest technological advances, digital tools, and data-driven insights to bolster diplomatic efforts. 

Speaking about the potential impact of the event, Professor Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes said: “The second DCO DiplomaticConnect is a pivotal juncture to explore and understand the intricate correlation of Artificial Intelligence with ‘Global Diplomacy’. It is an opportunity to navigate the challenges and amplify the role of AI, ensuring robust, resilient, and innovative diplomatic engagements in the contemporary world.” 

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, H.E. Ahmed Farooq, welcomed hosting the upcoming third DCO DiplomaticConnect at Pakistan’s Embassy in Riyadh. 

Through the DCO DiplomaticConnect, the DCO affirms its commitment to bridge the digital and diplomatic worlds, facilitating comprehensive discussions, collaborations, and the sharing of indispensable knowledge and experiences. The event stands as a beacon of the DCO’s relentless pursuit in advancing digital diplomacy through knowledge sharing, leveraging digital innovation, and fostering digital inclusivity to accelerate the growth of a sustainable and inclusive digital economy, mirroring the success and momentum established in the inaugural event. 

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