Sustainability Toolkit for the ICT Sector

May 2024

The Sustainability Toolkit for the ICT Sector, launched by the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) in collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST).

This toolkit is designed to guide stakeholders, including regulators, in developing sustainability strategies for the ICT sector tailored to their specific needs. It also offers modular frameworks, guidelines, standards, and templates to address the sustainability challenges within the ICT sector, such as carbon emissions, electronic waste, and digital literacy.

Key benefits for the DCO Member States and other countries include driving sustainability initiatives, shaping the ICT sector through structured agendas, and leveraging a step-by-step approach for implementing best practices.

The Sustainability Toolkit for the ICT Sector aims to decrease the environmental footprint of the ICT sector, enhance economic growth, and align with national and international sustainability goals like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Outcomes of utilizing the toolkit include creating social impact, promoting good governance and transparency, and serving as a model for sustainable practices in other sectors.

The toolkit enables countries to assess, analyze, and advance ICT sustainability efforts, fostering an inclusive and sustainable digital economy. This joint toolkit between the Saudi Arabia’s CST and the DCO will also support future sustainability initiatives, accelerating progress toward achieving UN SDGs, including climate goals and broader sustainability objectives, and enabling digital prosperity for all.