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Ghana joined the Digital Cooperation Organization in February 2023.

Ghana’s digital landscape has been rapidly evolving in recent years, driven by advancements in technology and the country’s increasing adoption of digital solutions.

The technology landscape in Ghana has been rapidly evolving over the past decade. With a growing tech-savvy population, increasing investment in the technology sector, and supportive government policies, Ghana’s technology landscape is dynamic and rapidly evolving, with plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth.

Technology is increasingly being used in various sectors in Ghana, and it is transforming the way people live, work, and interact with each other.

  • E-commerce: Online shopping platforms are increasingly popular in Ghana. People are buying and selling goods and services online, and this is changing the way businesses operate
  • Mobile money: Mobile payment platforms are widely used. People are using their mobile phones to transfer money, pay bills, and buy goods and services
  • Digital banking: Banks in Ghana are adopting digital banking platforms, allowing customers to access banking services; such as account opening, money transfer, and bills payment on their mobile phones and computers
  • Agriculture: Technology is being used in agriculture to improve productivity and efficiency. Farmers are using mobile apps to access weather information, market prices, and agricultural best practices
  • Healthcare: Telemedicine is being used to improve access to healthcare in remote areas. Patients can consult with doctors and healthcare professionals via video conferencing and get medical advice and treatment
  • Education: Technology is being used in education to improve access to quality education. Online platforms are providing students with access to educational resources and learning materials
  • Government services: The government is using technology to improve access to government services. Platforms such as the Ghana.Gov portal and the Mobile Justice app are providing citizens with access to government information and services


Highlights for digital adoption and use in Ghana in early 2023:

  • A total of 43.88 million cellular mobile connections were active in Ghana in early 2023, with this figure equivalent to 129.8 percent of the total population
  • There were 23.05 million internet users in Ghana at the start of 2023, when internet penetration stood at 68.2 percent
  • Ghana was home to 6.60 million social media users in January 2023, equating to 19.5 percent of the total population
  • There were 43.88 million cellular mobile connections in Ghana at the start of 2023
  • Ghana’s fintech sector is thriving, with many innovative solutions being developed that offer services such as digital payments, lending, and insurance